Smoke Damage

Smoke Damage

Time is of the essence when it comes to fire and smoke restoration. Clients experiencing fire and smoke damage usually like us to walk them through the steps to restoration, so this is how Restoration 911 will restore your property in the event of fire and smoke damage.

Part of our service to you involves a full documentation of the scene. This includes photos, videos and an inventory list of your damaged content. Once the proper documentation is completed, our next step is to remove your “packed-out” items, or items needing repair, and then go through a thorough initial sweep/cleanup of your facility.

After we have taken care of that, our team will board up windows, secure doors, build a fence and cover all firefighting holes in your structure to protect your property from any additional unwanted damage or theft.

Smoke Damage Cleanup

Questions We Will Ask About Over the Phone About  the Fire and Smoke Damage

  1. What type of facility has been damaged (for example, warehouse or office building)?
  2. What kind of fire did your facility experience (for example, grease or electrical)?
  3. What contents were in the facility (for example, electrical equipment or cleaning supplies)?
  4. How was the fire suppressed (for example, foam or water)?
  5. When would you need the facility reopened (for example, retail operations or living facility)?

Our Eight Steps to Rebuilding Your Property After Fire and Smoke Damage

  1. Arrive on the scene to assess the situation
  2. Set the recovery procedure
  3. Remove all unsalvageable materials and water
  4. Document all contents and items for repair and cleaning (such as furniture)
  5. Treat and dry affected areas and structures
  6. Treat and dry all salvageable contents
  7. Remove all residual odors and smoke
  8. Rebuild your property structures

Post-fire Contents Clean Up

Smoke residues often leave chemicals, which can permanently stain or alter the finishes on homes and other buildings. Rest assured that our team is experienced in post-fire clean up, which includes smoke residue and soot clean up. Upon arriving on site, key items will be targeted and addressed immediately to prevent any secondary damage from occurring.

Our fast acting team will save as much of your content as possible, including personal and other important items.