Mold Repair and Cleanup in San Francisco

Mold comes in literally thousands of different varieties. These fungi need moisture to grow, and as we all know, the Bay Area has no shortage of moisture, making mold damage—and the need for mold removal—widespread in this region. Mold gets its energy from the organic matter on which it resides, meaning that it essentially eats that material, whether it’s wood, plaster, carpet or any number of common building materials.

When mold infiltrates a home, significant health concerns can result. Mold can easily enter your body through the air you breathe or the food you eat. People with allergies such as asthma can be highly sensitive to molds. Molds can also produce toxins that cause health issues such as eye redness, nosebleeds, throat irritation, skin rashes, nausea, headaches, and lung infections.

Don’t Let Mold Take Hold of Your Home

Landlords have a responsibility to keep their buildings habitable and must perform mold removal if mold is detected on their premises. If mold problems develop in some Bay Area rental properties, such as in San Francisco, the landlord can even be sued for subsequent health issues suffered by tenants.

If you have any such health concerns, contact your healthcare provider and call a San Francisco mold removal professional. Other reasons why you should consult a Bay Area mold removal company include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Your mold growth covers more than 10 square feet. Also, consult the EPA's Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings. Although focused on schools and commercial buildings, this document is applicable to other building types.
  • You suspect that your HVAC system has been contaminated with mold. Do not run the HVAC system if you know or suspect that it has been contaminated with mold, as it can spread mold throughout your home. Also, consult the EPA's guide, Should You Have the Air Ducts in Your Home Cleaned?
  • You suspect that mold damage has been caused by sewage or other contaminated water.Immediately contact a San Francisco mold removal professional who has experience cleaning homes damaged by contaminated water.
  • If the mold damage was caused by sewage or other contaminated water, call in a professional service for Mold repair & cleanup in San Francisco who has experience cleaning and fixing buildings damaged by contaminated water
  • The mold can easily enter your system through the air you breathe. It can also enter through the food you eat. People with allergies such as asthma can be highly sensitive to molds. Molds can also produce toxins that might cause several health threats such as eye, throat and nose irritation, skin rashes, nausea, headaches and lungs infections. If you have any of such health concerns, consult a health professional and call professionals who offer Mold repair & cleanup in San Francisco

Why Choose Vital Restoration?

Vital Restoration has become the leader in mold removal in the Bay Area and offers absolutely free mold examinations to customers. Once we have completed our examination, we then test the mold to determine the best course of action in eliminating it and damage it has caused.

We know the best ways to combat your mold problems and can offer advice on how to keep it from coming back. The earlier you notice the mold and call us, the easier it will be to rid yourself of the mold in your home.

The secret to the success of Vital Restoration, and why we are San Francisco’s leading mold removal company, is simple: people. We offer our customers the highest quality mold removal services in the Bay Area at the most reasonable prices.

From removing wood and debris to sweeping the interior and exterior of the unit or upholstery, Vital Restoration can handle any San Francisco mold removal job. Call us today to set up a free estimate and discover the Vital Restoration difference!

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