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Fire & smoke damage is one of the most horrible & devastating disasters an individual or a family could go through. It can cause extensive damage to the structure and property in a house or any building, and at times, may force families to leave their home for a long period of time. When a fire takes place, speed is essential to minimize further damage as fires can rage out of control and cause complete and critical loss of life and property.

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If you discover fire in your home, the initial step maybe to board up the windows and doors. Next, you may want to drain the water from the home if there is no heat, to prevent pipe breaks. Vital Restoration assists you in fire damage restoration, along with all the related activities. Once your home is secured, we also contact your insurance company, to negotiate on the scope of damages done.

One reason we do this, is because, we recognize the importance of a personal property. Your property can be anything from an antique collection to your furniture, or to you expensive clothes and electronic items. Therefore, it is important to take care of your collection, and avoid all the possible ways that your home can catch fire. A fire can be either caused by a fireplace, or cooking, furnace malfunctions, heaters or maybe cigarette smoke.

The Procedure

In many cases, items that appear to be lost forever can easily be restored to their original state. This is, because a house fire doesn't mean a total loss. Even if all of your belongings are smoke or fire damaged, our professional restorations services can still recover them. In addition to the above fire damage restoration services, we use a combination of drying and cleaning process to minimize the losses. Our process is simple, and ensures that in the end, the customer is fully satisfied with our services and work.

  • The first step in this process that we perform is to remove all the water left from putting the fire out. As the presence of this water can cause additional deterioration and foster the mold growth. With this, we can lessen the possibility of any further damage, and expect the best results. There are two necessary steps that are typically used while removing water:
    • Manual water extraction - In this step, a high-powered wet vacuum is used to suck the maximum water from the objects as well as the building.
    • Supplementary of drying - Once all the water is removed, process of dehumidification takes place to dry the walls and floors, along with ventilation using the fans.
  • Once the unnecessary water is removed, the fire damage is then addressed. The extent, to which the damage has been don, as well as the safe items, is reviewed. Next, a series of deodorizers and cleaners are used to wash away the traces of fire. This process is of special help, as it saves your documents, furniture and other electronic items. Once the restoration procedure is completed, all the items, as well as your building, are restored to the original solution.

Services Offered

To restore your home to pre-disaster condition, it is critical to select the most qualified professionals. Vital Restoration has quality trained and certified staff to handle all types of smoke and fire damage restoration. We are one of the largest companies in its kind that specializes in fire and smoke damages. We have long been regarded as the finest when it comes to fire & smoke damage remediation services, and are known throughout the community and industry. Our company offers fire restoration services in addition to the following restoration services:

  • Fire & Smoke Damage Clean Up
  • Post Construction cleaning
  • Pack Out (Off Site Warehouse Storage)
  • Pack Down (On Site Storage)
  • Contents and Furniture Restoration
  • Carpet Repair, Dyeing and Stretching
  • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
  • O-Zone and Fogging Deodorizing Services
  • Commercial and Residential
  • 24 Hour Emergency Services

Our professionals are very understanding, and realize the fact that the goods damaged are your belongings, and therefore treat them with care and respect. This is of utmost importance, as this sense of realization makes work easy and reliable. They work in midst of disaster to restore your belongings. As a matter off act, we go through process of evaluating the damage done by smoke and fire. We target the type of smoke that is present there, which as a result, helps the evaluators determine the type of fire that has taken place.

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