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Whenever you think your carpet is un-cleanable, Vital Restoration carpet cleaning San Francisco services feels proud to prove you wrong every time.

What a Mess!

PictureqCarpet is what defines the actual and intended beauty and theme of a room. Unlike other floorings, the choices of color, designs, patterns and price-range is much wider in carpets. Besides everything else, carpets are easier to clean. In fact, they require no polishing and repairing. Yet, some stains and spots on your carpet might make you think that it is un-cleanable.

Who do you blame for such a mess?

Children might be insolent little mess-makers, but let's face it, adults are better at everything. Cleaning a chocolate sauce or ketchup from your carpet might not be a tougher challenge. Yet, there are bleached out areas and chemical stains that seemeternal. Now, these are completely 'keep out of children's reach' products. Yet, something that is necessary for regular household cleaning.

For instance, if the areas around your washing machine and bathroom sink are carpeted, then your carpet might not be in a very good condition because sometimes you do spill cleaning products while washing and cleaning other stuff. Due to lot of cleaning activity and chemical usage, those areas are more prone to bleach and chemical stains which result in faded spots that don't look good. So would you be generous on yourself, forgive yourself on those accidental spilling and replace the carpet? Think again, Vital Restoration has the right solution for your problem with their supreme carpet cleaning San Francisco services.

The process

There is a solution but cleaning is clearly not the answer to these problems. In fact, cleaning those areas even more can make them appear more faded. Carpet cleaning San Francisco at Vital Restoration has got specialty carpet dyes that work perfectly to blend in and conceal those stains without a hint. Of course, this is not an easy job. It requires expert technician with experience and skills, and carpet cleaning San Francisco staff at Vital Restoration has got the right people for this job.

At carpet cleaning San Francisco, we use high quality dyes in extreme precision so that it matches the exact color, design and print of you r carpet. This dye will stay on your nylon or woolen carpet for longer than ordinary dyes that you would find in a do it your self kit.

Before dying the bleached out area, the carpet is perfectly cleaned with high-end equipment. This cleaning ensures that your carpet is free of dirt, dust and any other residues including the cleaning product. The professionals at Vital Restoration carpet cleaning San Franciscouse the high powered 'truck mounted' carpet cleaning system to deal with the otherwise un-cleanable carpets. This method can be used to clean any size of carpet and restoring it back to its original beauty.

The Equipment

Truck Mounted carpet cleaning system used for carpet cleaning San Francisco by Vital Restoration is to-date most powerful cleaning equipment. It is preferred for commercial and industrial use. The truck itself is the power generator for the equipment. Therefore, you don't have to worry about hooking it up to the power supply.

These units are powered by powerful motors of the truck and are able to generate higher pressure of water. Not only this pressure helps in enhancing the cleaning power of the solution, it also leaves the carpet with a flawless rinse.

Advantages of carpet cleaning San Francisco

All in all Vital Restoration uses the best equipment and products to give your carpet a fresh as new look. There are many advantages of using Vital Restoration services of carpet cleaning San Francisco over other cleaning systems and also over replacing your carpet with a new one.

Although a little costly than other system but the results are worth it. Also, it is a lot cheaper than getting a new carpet instead.

The system used by Vital Restoration carpet cleaning San Francisco has its own water supply and a non toxic cleaning solution. No need to attach the hose to your home water line.

The water supply can spray several pounds of water per inch. This high pressure spray ensures better rinsing, so that no residue of cleaning solution remains in your carpet. It is good enough for all kind of dirt including food spills and animal messes.

The vacuum power is multiple times greater than any ordinary cleaning system. Therefore, it cleans dirt and residues better and the drying time is reduced considerably. Your carpet will take only four to six hours for drying.

The advantage of better mobility without having to plug in else where makes it ideal for Industrial and commercial usage.

The cleaning solution used by Vital Restoration for carpet cleaning San Francisco is utterly non toxic. Therefore, no more allergies and health concerns. It is safe to an extent that even drinking it won't harm you, however, not recommended in any case.

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